girls sentences

    • Now a town museum, it was once the home of thomas nash who married the girl next door, shakespeare’s granddaughter elizabeth.
    • Girl on the very brink of womanhood.
    • The unit has recently targeted teenage girls with a successful poster campaign.
    • Girl choristers.
    • She went on to have a 9 1/2 lb baby girl at home; the baby was a full face presentation.
    • Girls in bikinis.
    • By which time… he will have kissed a girl!
    • Groovy girls is also launching a groovy style sittin’ pretty salon with hair dryer, sink with water sprayer and large mirror and chair.

Uses of Internet?

Internet has been the most useful technology of the modern times which helps us not only in our daily lives, but also our personal and professional lives developments. The internet helps us achieve this in several different ways.

For the students and educational purposes the internet is widely used to gather information so as to do the research or add to the knowledge of any sort of subject they have. Even the business personals and the professions like doctors, access the internet to filter the necessary information for their use. The internet is therefore the largest encyclopedia for everyone, in all age categories.

The internet has served to be more useful in maintaining contacts with friends and relatives who live abroad permanently. The easiest communication means like the internet chatting systems and the emails are the best and the most common for the maintaining contacts with the people around the world.

what is internet?

The internet in simple terms is a network of the interlinked computer networking worldwide, which is accessible to the general public. These interconnected computers work by transmitting data through a special type of packet switching which is known as the IP or the internet protocol.

Internet is such a huge network of several different interlinked networks relating to the business, government, academic, and even smaller domestic networks, therefore internet is known as the network of all the other networks. These networks enable the internet to be used for various important functions which include the several means of communications like the file transfer, the online chat and even the sharing of the documents and web sites on the WWW, or the World Wide Web.